Plots Tutorial

This a tutorial on how to use the new plot system.

How to claim a plot:

To claim a plot, you have two options:
Stand on the plot you want to claim and do “/plot claim“.
Or, you can be anywhere and do “/plot auto” to automagically claim an empty plot.
Then, after you do that, do “/plot set home“.
To get back to your plot, do “/plot home“.

How to let others build on your plot:

To allow other players build on your plot, do “/plot trusted add (player name)“.
If you decide that you don’t want them building on your plot anymore, do “/plot trusted remove (player name)“.

Setting flags in your plot:

With the new plots system, you can set flags for your plot.
For example, you can make it so when a player enters your plot, it rains.
To set a flag, do “/plot set flag (flag name) (value)“.
For a list of flags, do “/plot set flag“.

Advanced building in your plot:

With the new plots system, there are a lot of advanced options for building.
To set the wall block, do “/plot set wall (block name)“.
To set the floor block, do “/plot set floor (block name)“.
To set the plot biome, do “/plot set biome (biome name)“.
You can also use basic worldedit in plots.

Clearing or removing your plot:

If you want to remove and unclaim your plot, do “/plot delete“.
To clear it, do “/plot clear“.

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